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The following are links to pirate related websites that I find very useful. Most I have used more than twice in researching for my books. Enjoy!
This website is awesome! I use it so much. Not only does it have great articles for info about pirates, but it has a message forum that is unbeatable. You can ask questions about piracy, or pirate movies, books (that you're working on or just piracy books in general), and more.

Wikipedia is very informative, and the information can be trusted. This link will direct you to an article about the golden age of piracy. From there, you can go to other articles about piracy.

The following is a link to a site dedicated to women pirates. I have used it on occasion, so if you were not satisfied my this website's page on women pirates, click the link below:

This link is to a web forum, the mian topic being piracy, and the golden age of priacy (about 1690 to 1725 or 1730):

This site is very useful. It is the only one of it's kind, I'd say. Centered mainly on the Caribbean, it tells historical prices and shows the different moneys of the countries of that time.

I have always had trouble with swords, and different weapons. In my books, they are usually fairly important, and yet, somehow I can't remember the name of the sword's handle!
Hopefully, if this sounds familiar, you can check out this site. It's also very helpful with different kinds of weapons. The site following the next links to common pirate weapons.

Common punishments for pirates:

Life on the Land: These links have to do with living in early 18th century england. Includes how to dine properly, how to dress, and London society.

Eighteenth-Century Eruopean Dress

18Th Century Upper Class Clothing

18th century Clothes

Life in England

Rules of Dining

If you're writing a book (or books, if you're like me), then this site is very handy. For me, I was forever trying to write books set in foreign settings, but had a difficult time finding character names that had the correct roots. Just ignore that you're supposed to be naming your baby.

Brown Book, Turning
See Bre J. Smith's books
Please ask me any questions you have, or send articles for publication on the site. If you enjoyed your stay, or didn't, tell me.